I am Able

I am Able

I am Able

Manage your Chronic Condition
and Improve your Health

I am Able has been created with input from physiotherapists and occupational therapists with expertise in the areas of rehabilitation and chronic disease self-management.

Rehabilitation can help you maximize your function or your ability to manage daily demands and activities.

Self-management can help you develop the skills and confidence you need to take care of your health problem and carry out your normal activities.

Whether you have diabetes, arthritis, heart disease or another chronic health condition, these Rehabilitation Self-Management Strategies can help you…


  • Set goals for yourself
  • Reduce your risk of falls
  • Manage stress
  • Manage pain
  • Manage fatigue
  • Increase your physical activity level
  • Exercise with your chronic condition


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At this time, access to I am able is limited to research participants only.
If you would like more information, please contact iamable@mcmaster.ca.

This project has been generously funded by the Health Research Foundation.