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Health Organizations

Canadian Health Network
A comprehensive resource targeted at all Canadians in relation to their health. Information is available about specific conditions and diagnoses. You can also search on topics of particular interest to you.
Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care
From this home page of the Ontario Ministry, you can go to the public information and get up to date information about changes at the Ministry of Health. Through "Healthlinks" you can find more information about common conditions and diagnoses
Canadian Physiotherapy Association
This is the main website about physiotherapy in Canada. The consumer section offers information sheets, background information on physiotherapy, complete a mobility quiz, and information about products recognized by the association.
OT Works
This national site is designed to provide information about how occupational therapists can promote and improve health of Canadians. You can get information, consult an occupational therapist, complete a quiz related to occupational therapy, or see a book review. There are also links to related sites.
Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada
The Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada (CDPAC) is a networked community of organizations and individuals who share a common vision for an integrated system of chronic disease prevention in Canada. The web site includes information related to advocacy, along with information about chronic diseases in Canada, and links to other sites.
Seniors Canada On-Line
A Search Page with many helpful links relating to fall prevention, included information on assitive devices, osteoporosis, etc, and answers to frequently asked questions pertaining to senior citizens in Canada. (Information provided by the GOVERNMENT OF CANADA)
Elder Care Web
Highly acclaimed website database on care for the elderly with topics ranging through all aspects of life: Finance, Law, Housing and Care. Information is most relevant to American citizens (Information provided by ELDERWEB.COM)

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