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Fall Prevention

Facts About Falls
Relevant statistics on the effects of falling on the senior population. Personal risk factors associated with seniors and falls. Tips to eliminate or reduce the chances of falling. (Information provided by the VETERANS AFFAIRS CANADA)
Active Living Tips for Older Adults
Advice on ways to lower the risks of falling. Checklist of circumstances which indicate a higher risk of falling. Suggestions of different helpful physical activities. (Information provided by the ACTIVE LIVING COALITION FOR OLDER ADULTS)
Making Your Home Safe
"Safety in the home is a concern for everyone". Advice on precautionary measures in case of a fall. Simple checklist for every part of the home. (Information provided by CANADIAN ASSOCATION OF OCCUPATION THERAPISTS)
Twelve Steps to Stair Safety
Seniors are more at risk to falling on and obtaining serious injuries. Site contains a checklist for use in your home. Helpful questions and suggestions can aid in minimizing the risk of falling. (Information provided by HEALTH CANADA)
Fall Prevention Initiative
Brochures:"You Can Prevent Falls" and "Step Forward with Confidence". Facts Sheets, Downloadable Photos and Contact Information. An abundance of information on Assistive Devices. (Information provided by VETERANS AFFAIRS CANADA)
Current Research Update
Thorough article covering the latest research in fall prevention. 'Prevention programs that treat a combination of fall risk factors'. 'Differences between the general older population and high-risk groups'. 'The role of exercise and physical activity in preventing falls'. (Information provided by the ACTIVE LIVING COALITION FOR OLDER ADULTS)

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